Your Ultimate Guide to a TEDx Event

A TED experience is like no other. A TED event has the total ability to change something inside you, to have you get out of there feeling completely enlightened, to open your eyes onto something, to guide you somewhere, to give you new perspectives.

We’re giving you the guide to making the most of, benefit from, and enjoy a TED event so you can make sure you’ll get that benefit fully absorbed:

Before the event:

1-Study the agenda.

Before the event, the event’s schedule will be released. You’ll also be handed a hard copy of the day’s plan. Do not hastily skim it; read it well and know which talks are when, when the breaks are, when the performances are, and so on. Study the agenda so that you avoid feeling lost.

2-Know the speakers.

The speakers will be announced before the event each one will be briefly introduced. Keep up and know who you’re going to be spending your event listening to.

On the event’s day:

1-Arrive on time, don’t leave early.

Try as hard to attend every part of the event, because it’s all pieces put together. Don’t just be there for some of the experience; take the full experience and attend every moment!

TEDx events are usually claimed to be long, but we have our ways to not make it boring, so don’t worry about that!

2-Clear your mind.

Prepare yourself by completely clearing up your mind before you go to the event. Try as hard to not let any thoughts interrupt your focus so you can really process what’s being said and digest it well.

3-Make minimal use of your mobile phone.

Smart phones are addictively distracting devices. If you’re constantly checking your FB Newsfeed and WhatsApp messages, you won’t be fully present during the event. Clearing your mind requires pushing distractions aside, especially electronic devices. Unless you’re tweeting about a talk or sharing an Instagram photo, your smartphone should be kept at arm’s length, silent or turned off.

4-Listen attentively and mindfully.

Don’t just hear what’s being said, listen carefully and process. Prepare yourself to reach a state of mindful listening during which you’re aware of everything around you, while genuinely being “in” the moment, taking in every uttered word.

5-Take notes.

Pack a pen and notebook to scribble down quotations taken from talks or, better yet, your comments, critiques, and rating of each talk. This way, you can relive your experience any time in the future.

6-Have snacks and essentials.

Keep a bottle of water and crumble-free and ‘silent’ snacks at hand so your hunger pang wouldn’t force you to leave the hall before break time. You don’t want to miss part of a talk and end up losing concentration, do you?

7-Make your breaks timely.

If you urgently need to leave the hall for a few minutes, try not to slice up a talk one or more times by taking mid-talk breaks. Believe us when we say a talk is best enjoyed whole and complete.

8-Meet the ones behind it.

We, the organizing family, will be dispersed around the hall throughout the event. Needless to say, we are always happy to talk with enthusiastic attendees. Be at ease when you speak to any of us, take photos with us, take photos with our X, tweet please, do not be on your own during breaks!

9-Mingle in the breaks.

Have fun and engage in activities. If you’re particularly quiet and shy, this is such a great chance to overcome your shyness by mingling with strangers. Speak to organizers, speakers, MC, and other attendees. Everyone probably has some amazing stories to share; so, when it’s break time, get out there and make friends!

10-Create your own social media buzz

Whether or not you’re active on social media, attending a TEDx event is truly an event worth spreading and sharing with your friends. This is a great opportunity to tweet, snapchat, post Facebook LIVE videos, statuses, WhatsApp and Instagram stories.  Make sure you use the event’s hashtags and follow up on the host’s social media accounts. (in our case it’s TEDxCairoUni)

11-Enjoy the performances!

After every 3-4 talks, performances change the scene and lighten up the atmosphere. Performances are especially designed to entertain after digesting an intense brain-filling session. Relax, unwind, and enjoy them!

12-Advertise yourself and seek advertisers

During breaks, you may wish to exchange business cards with other attendees.  

The TEDx experience differs from one person to another, yet if you follow our guide, we can guarantee that you’ll get the most out of this experience.